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Where has it gone                 

Where has it gone
My beloved possession
It was just here
Lying between the phone and
Daily paper
My mind is clogged
I can’t see past the huge
Someone help, It can’t be
What’s the point?
I can survive without
Leaving the house
Who needs human contact
It’s not worth temporary
Where are my damn sunglasses

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"With Nothing Better to do"

With nothing better to do
They gather in small numbers
Around tables and empty
Beer bottles
Spinning tales and lies of lust, love
And deceit
What is their motive?
Do they really need one?
Tell your friend and
They’ll tell theirs
No one knows where it started
It grows to proportions never
Exaggerated at very exchange
”I wasn’t thinking
It grows out of control
Until it can’t be stopped
And the victim is
Finally enlightened
”Who told you that?”
echoes the halls
”I can’t remember”
rings back
”It isn’t true”
doesn’t matter, damage done

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I saw a nun riding a bicycle 

I saw a nun riding a bicycle
Fairly fast actually
She must have been late
For a nun meeting
She wasn’t wearing a helmet
It seemed she was setting
A bad example
Everyone on the street
Turned and stared with
Blank faces at the mobile
One hundred yards behind
A boy gives chase
She must have been
Very late

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Never a harsh word
from your lips
Always a heavy breath
Don't worry
I love it


So I sit here
Close my eyes and see your Face
I long to see your smile
and when I do
Will be right with my world

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