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Excerpts From Craig's Journal.  He kept thoughts, notes and drawings during his illness.       

Written January 21, 2000.  

Craig knew his time was growing short. 


Like a flower in a windstorm
so are our fragile lives in this world
The sun rises and sets  in each
and comes with or without
why do we think we are important 
to this world?


It seems I don't have much time to live. So many
thoughts have gone through my mind.  Who will 
get my things?  Who will come to my funeral?
What do I have to live for? What awaits me?
Due Time(?). I've only cried once because of 
thoughts of family and friends and how they might
deal with my loss.  But I flatter myself.
The world will go on without me and people
will still be selfish and cruel.  I can try to 
help those near me.  I can be an example.
You aren't here forever some of us longer than 
others, But with your time remember that
all you need is love.  Not money or success. Find
yourself and find someone to love.  Is there
anything else that sustains us?  


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